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Manufacturer in Peru with an office in California, USA. Manufacturer of casual and sports wear. Fabrics utilized: 100% pima cotton / 100% cotton/ poly cotton / cotton spandex. Complete vertical operation with processes which go from Manufacturing, to Quality Control, through Finishing, Packing and FOB Shipping scheduling. ALGOLIMSA is divided into three separate and distinctive operations: Knitting, Dyeing , and Sewing House process. Pre-Production From first pattern to approved production. Based on customer's specs, and subject to prototype approvals. Quotes from raw materials to finished production. Fit sampling and grading. Fabric and color testing. QC at all stages. Production This is a fully vertical integrated manufacturing organization functioning under three distinct operations: Yarn, Knitting and Dyeing, and finally Sewing. They have Quality Control systems in place as well as packaging and shipping operations. Grading, marking, cutting, spinning, knitting, marking and grading. Fabric testing, color testing, all trims, production planning. Transportation FOB Ocean FOB Air FOB Courier Comments: ALGOLIMSA is a top quality operation very much aligned with modern production techniques and modern equipment. OFFICE Address (USA) : 7433 Farralone Ave. Canoga Park CA 91303 CONTACT: Ursula Trainor in USA Phone: 818-999-2040 / 1800-506-7610 E-mail: Fax: 866-408-6630

  • Knitting operation: 11 knitting machines (Terrot, Orizio, Keum Yong and Albi); 5000 kgs per day capacity.
  • Dye House operation: 9 dyeing machines ;20,50,150,300,500,1000 kgs/batch capacity. Total 10 tons/day. Total workers in Knitting and Dye House: 80. Laundry Facility : with a capacity to process 1200kgs per day.
  • Sewing House operation: Casual and sports wear garments. Brother and Yuki sewing machines. 80 workers. 100,000 basic garments per month capacity.
Other Departments

A.V. Separadora Industrial 585/591 - Urb.Los Alamos - ATE
Telephones: (511) 326-5979  (511) 326-3678
FAX: (511) 326-0634

Attention to the Client:
Telephone: (511) 326-3678

Telephone: (511) 326-5979

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