Sunday, November 8, 2009


By means of the present we are pleased to present our company/mark named CSK, which mark is registered in Peru, the United States and soon in Europe. CSK focuses on the confection and preparation of casual and sport clothes for ladies and men. Our main primary resources are the Peruvian cotton Pima, ecological cotton and tanguis cotton. Additionally, we work with nontoxic products for both dyeing and printing processes. It’s important to mention that our Peruvian cotton Pima is very request among many consumers due to its comfort, smoothness and easy washing properties; our articles completely fulfill the standards of top quality, reasons for which we have positioned ourselves significantly in the feminine and masculine market. Our articles offer diverse models, designs, with the best finishing’s according to modern tendencies, needs and exigencies of our clients, in the local and international market. For the first time we are penetrating into the Peruvian market offering vanguardists products that summarizes "the of the 5 continents" and for the previously exposed.

Calle los Calderos 148 Urb. Vulcano Ate - Vitarte / Lima - Peru
Phone. 511-3480359 / 511-3402081


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