Friday, November 6, 2009

Fabritex Peruana

Is a vertically integrated cotton fabric manufacturer based in Lima, Peru.  The company specializes in denim products and its largest advantage is its flexibility and customer service which allows it to meet and surpass its clients' expectations.  Fabritex Peruana employs approximately 1200 workers and it has the capacity to produce over 40 million meters per year.  Fabritex Peruana's 40 years of experience have allowed it to become and remain the leader in the Peruvian market.
Address: Avenida Argentina 2543 Lima, Peru Phone:  511 452 4061  Fax: 511 452 4630 Email:  Contact:  Monica Goryn de Alpert - Sales Manager
  • Manufacturer Item # 1:  Denim
  • Manufacturer Item # 2:  Twill
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: Poplin
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Corduroy
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: flannel

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