Saturday, September 4, 2010

Energy Smart Hats – Chullo hats are know for their fashionable status and their warming properties

Chullo hats were first invented in the surrounding of Peru and Bolivia due to their cold Winters and mountainous landscapes. In Winter times these helped farmers and many inhabitants to keep their heads warm saving energy inside as well as outside their homes.

Before Global Warming started to show up evidence of its existence, regions in the Peruvian Andes (Huascaran) during Winter times were swarmed by temperatures reaching the 0 degrees. As the times went by and the climate all around the world started to become slight warm these hats are becoming to be seen less and less on the regions these first were created

They are made out of 100% wool and they most of the time are known to have earflaps. These earflaps would protect people’s head and ears completely maintaining them very warm and sheltered from strong windy conditions. At the times where being energy smart was a skill that one had to learn these hats prevented many people from freezing themselves while crossing South America mountainous regions since its is known that the head and the feet are the only two areas in a human being that must at all cost be kept at their regular temperatures of 37 degrees Celsius.

Energy Smart hats were also created in the cold regions of east Europe such as Russia where the Russian Fur Hats did have the same purpose as the Chullo one. The only difference is that in Russia temperatures can drop even lower than in South America and for that reason these are made with fur.

So overall. energy smart hats started as a necessity for human energy saving and are now becoming very popular amongst the fashion gurus all around the world. Energy smart Chullo hats used to be produced in colours of black, brown and green mainly because these were sort of Winter colours that they could produce out of natural materials (ink).

As the 21 century kick in you can now see them being sold in any high street in London or New York with all sorts of colours and designs offered on a variety price range. Over the years these hats started to be seem mainly around their origin countries, North America and Europe. It is also sold in many stores focused on camping equipment and Winter lovers.

* In the late 2000s, the chullo became an extremely popular winter hat; it was seen often in popular culture of the time, arguably made most famous by British rapper Dappy. It remains highly popular in North America, Europe, and of course Peru and Bolivia. Many metropolitan areas in the Western world have street vendors from Peru and Bolivia who set up tables on which they sell chullos and wallets that have been made in Peru or Bolivia.


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