Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Peru textile exports to Latin America grew 16% in Jan-Aug period

Peruvian exports to Central America total US$268.7 million in first eight months

Peruvian exports to Central America totaled US$268.7 million in first eight months of 2010, mainly due to shipments of oil derivates (146.5 million), the Peruvian Exporters' Association (Adex) reported.
Traditional exports reached 154.6 million dollars, 210 percent more than the same period last year, when the amount was US$49.8 million; meanwhile non-traditional exports reached US$114 million, six percent more than US$108 million for the previous period.

The main non-traditional sub-sector is chemicals (US$45.4 million) followed by agriculture (US$24.5 million) among others (US$9 million).

Peru’s exports main destination in Central America is Panama (US$139.3 million) followed by Honduras (US$45.4 million), Guatemala (US$34.1 million), Costa Rica (US$26.8 million), El Salvador (US$15.4 million) and Nicaragua (US$7.1 million).

Adex recalled that the First Round of Negotiations for a Peru-Central America Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will begin on November 8th.

“FTAs with Asian markets benefit medium and large-sized companies in the short-term, whereas in the case of an agreement with Central America the response would be faster for small companies”, stated PymeAdex’s  President Juan Pacheco.

He also mentioned that Peruvian metal mechanic and apparel industries have competitive advantages over its Central American competitors.

The jewelry subsector and processed agricultural products would also benefit from it.


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