Monday, June 27, 2011

Chilean retail companies increase purchases of Peruvian apparel designs

Chilean retail companies increase purchases of Peruvian apparel designs

Some top Chilean retail enterprises have increased their purchases of exclusive apparel designs, said Susana Matos, general manager of the exporting company She Line.

“These enterprises order, for instance, 4,000 to 10,000 garments per month. They give us their own designs, but sometimes they place orders and ask us to use our own designs,” added Matos to Andina news agency.

She highlighted that other important customers who are steadily increasing the demand for Peruvian exclusive clothing is Ecuador, while the potential destinations are the countries from Central America, specially Guatemala and Costa Rica, among others.

“We’ve already talked to an exporter enterprise in Guatemala and we both look for an alliance that would allow us to market our products in both countries. Meanwhile, we are still talking with other potential strategic partners in Costa Rica,” said Matos.

In that sense, Matos stressed the importance of the Free Trade Agreements (FTA) recently signed with Panama and Costa Rica and added that she also expects to reach an agreement with Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.



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