Monday, November 7, 2011

Declining Indian Cotton Yield

Indian Economy is growing at steady pace so is the cotton demand in India. Cotton demand in India has been increasing at a steady pace. The yield per hectare has been steadily decreasing since 2007. The experts in the textile industry are now worried about the demand supply mismatch. Though there is no present danger of demand supply mismatch, the experts feel that in few years India will have to import cotton to meet it’s demand. Table 1 shows the decreasing trend in the cotton yield and table 2 shows the increasing cotton demand.

Acreage in Cotton cultivation may not increased due to the below reasons,

1. Land Limitation

2. Cotton Price fluctuations

3. Whether conditions

4. Government promotion of food crops to control Inflation

The acreage cultivation of cotton could be increased only to a certain limit and the demand for cotton is increasing and will continue to increase due to the population and the economic growth of India. The yield per hectare is lowering and very little improved can be done. The yield per hectare can be improved to an extend because of small scale framing and climatic conditions. Australia tops the productivity charts at 1,579 kg per hectare, followed by Brazil at 1,480 kg per hectares and China at 1,301 kg per hectare. This is because handpicking requires Indian farmers to sow just about 12,000 plants per hectare although in some areas of China, farmers plant up to 150,000, while in Australia the number stands at 85,000.

It’s now seems that  India will be forced to Important cotton in the near future.


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