Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Luxury Peruvian Exports

By Terry Philips

Well-known for a rich culture, Peru stands out for music and food. But, something that it is less renowned for is clothing. Created using bright hues and natural fibers, traditional Peruvian clothing showcases the creativity and skill of the Andean people.

People all around the world search for the patterns and colors, though true Peruvian fashions are impossible to replicate. The people of this country have made a great deal from the Peruvian clothing exports thanks to the boom of this fashion within the retail industry. Although there are bustling cities in Peru, like Lima and Trujillo this is something that defines the country as a whole.

Luxury Clothing Exports From Peru: What’s behind the trends?

The ability of Peru to export this luxury is thanks to multiple factors. To begin with, this is a valuable commodity that Peru has access to, and it is only know that they can take advantage of this alpaca product. Durability and light weight, this is the cousin of the llama and its wool can make clothing to be worn any time in the year. Alpaca fur is one of the finest natural fibers that can be found across the market, and most of the quality Peruvian clothing rears from the material that it is made from. It can be spun and then woven or knitted into high-quality pieces such as sweaters, dresses, hats, scarves and even suits, making it as versatile as it is valuable.

The industry now regards Peru as the alpaca capital of the world, and the manufacturers and artisans of this country are yielding 4,000 tons year on year. Among its largest importers are the United States, Chile and the United Kingdom.

But, Peru has many high-quality exports aside from alpaca clothing. It is also known for its production of luxury shoes made from leather. Additionally, the economic ties that the Peru has established with the United Kingdom through shoes that are produced with natural materials and alpaca.

Peru’s export figures for luxury clothing continue to climb, aided by the establishment of more than a dozen manufacturing companies with the technological advancements to produce even more of it. Despite this, while the popularity grows across the world, it’s impossible not to see that the best quality is found from the traditional Andean farms, who put their creativity, time and energy into their llamas and alpacas to make every piece unique.

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