Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zhejiang China Apparel Network Technology Co., ltd

Zhejiang China Apparel Network Technology Co., ltd. established in July, 2001 is one of China's leading e-commerce companies. It operates the world's largest online international and domestic marketplace for the China garment trade.

In June of 2007, China Apparel Net hands with Netsun Technology ( to achieve tightly strategic cooperation relationship. Netsun Technology is the first pure Network Stock which went public in China mainland.It is a win-win and strong-strong collaboration. It will promote Chinese garment industry development powerfully.

China Apparel Net provides business broadcast & promotion, network broadcast ads, electronic commerce, website creation, website content and member services. Headquartered in Zhejiang with branch offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen, China Apparel Net has received many honors and accolades like “The 2005 Top 100 China Commercial Website” and “The 2nd session Shanghai Best E-commerce Website”.

A member of the China Internet Association and the China Electronic Business Association, China Apparel Net has an international reputation for excellence & market savvy providing members and customers with direct access to the worldwide apparel industry. China Apparel Net has long standing & valued relationships with the China Apparel Association, the China Apparel Designers Association, the Hong Kong Trade Development Bureau, the China Textile Press, the Shanghai Apparel Industry Association, the Shenzhen Apparel Industry Association and the Guangzhou Apparel Designers Association. China Apparel Net partners globally with companies like AAFA, FITA,,,,,, Prime Source Trade Show and PV fabric show.In 2007,China Apparel net has been a member of the Sub-Council of Textile Industry,CCPIT and Textile Industry Chamber of Commerce,CCOIC.

China Apparel Net Portfolio of Businesses
International Website,, is an English language website serving Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME's) involved in the worldwide garment trade. Global buyers and importers visit this website to meet, find and do business with garment sellers and OEM/ODM manufacturers in China.

Acclaimed fashion designers, well-known private labels and famous apparel brands seek general agents, factories and product sources in China because the Chinese apparel industry offers attractive pricing, unparalleled service and extraordinary product quality. provides a core service listing reliable and trusted “China Credible Suppliers". Important and useful information about the China garment industry, trade policies and fashion trends are available to visitors of the website including a live network report entitled “Exhibition & Fairs Report” from the great garment fairs and shows across China.

China Website is a Chinese-language website. It is China's largest online marketplace for the domestic garment trade linking agents, buyers, sellers, factories and general sources. It is an outstanding portal website and the pre-eminent network for the apparel business in China. China Apparel Net provides professional network application services including B2B electronic business, network marketing, language content, etc. It offers a streamlined efficient communication channel linking the online business & garment supply chain industry.

China Apparel Net has more than 270,000 registered members. Website visits number over 1,500,000 per day of which 20,000 are IP addresses. China Apparel Net is the number one, "Numero Uno" apparel industry website. Global companies like LOIS, GUESS, Varasiedo, Gerber Technology, Shanshan, Youngor, Judger, Kangnai, Aokang, I-netgarment, Ochirly, Kobron, American U, Hagen, Bosideng, Blackeyes, Plandao and ZOJE Sewing Machine have been very satisfied and pleased with China Apparel Net.

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