Monday, December 5, 2011

Era Perú

We do exactly what you need with the best cotton...

We are peruvian cotton t-shirt suppliers and produce exactly what you need with the best cotton in the world.

We do jersey combed cotton t-shirts, pima cotton t-shirts, pique cotton t-shirts, with or without embroidering, with or without pressing, with or without tags, short and long sleeves. All sizes to produce, men and women. Finishing for export.

If you have a sample or picture, you can send it to us in order to quote. We work according to your requierements.

About Us:

Here you could find and acquire the best samples of peruvian cotton, tanguis, and pima in the varieties you prefere, made with the best cotton of the whole world. Even if you want them for printing or embroidering or even buying them printed with your logo company, you will have the best quality and the best export finishing.

Peruvian Cotton

The best cotton in the world...
The production of textiles from agriculture expansion and development of fibre to the treatment and transformation of this fibre into fabrics and garments has a long and ancient tradition in Peru. Peruvian cotton, and all its varieties, is highly apprecieted, admired, valued and demanded in the whole world. There are several reasons for that good reputation as long fibre, softness, strength, colour fastness and the capacity to endure wash, wear and tear are the main features that give our garments an advantage that is appreciated around the world.

Contact: Paola Ramos
Address: Batallon Libres De Trujillo 228-C, Lima, Lima, Peru
Phone: 511-2664424
Web: Era Perú

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