Monday, December 5, 2011

Peruvian exporters should team up with Asian importers to increase sales

A panoramic view of Callao port facilities. Photo: Carlos Lezama
(By ANDINA). The Economic Research Institute at Universidad de San Marcos (UNSM) pointed out Tuesday that in order for Peruvian exporters to increase sales to Asia, they have to know their markets and team up with importers of that continent.
The Institute’s director Carlos Aquino mentioned that Peruvian exporters could also foster Asian companies to start producing in Peru so that those products are exported to their respective markets.

“No only do the interests of those consumers are different, but the market’s infrastructure. And the selling procedures are not easy either, which is why we must have entrepreneurs from those countries as partners,” said Aquino.

The director also considered necessary for Peruvian exporters to prepare an appropriated export offer, having in mind that 90 percent of the country’s exports to Asia are raw materials with low added value.

“We need to sell them other products like agroindustrial, fishery, forest and textile products,” he highlighted.


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