Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Promperu opens new Information Center in Ayacucho

(By ANDINA). Peru's export and tourism promotion agency Promperu reported Wednesday that a new Information Center will be open in Ayacucho region on Tuesday, in order to bring service closer to different regions in the country.

“These offices are installed in many regions in the country as part of the decentralization and inclusion strategy promoted by Promperu along with several public and private institutions, like the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism of Ayacucho, which is the local strategic partner,” Exports Director at Promperu Mario Ocharan said.

The Information Center will provide exporters, potential exporters and general public in the region with information on the different world markets in order to introduce and consolidate their products

This center seeks to strengthen and increase the entrepreneurial skills and exporting culture of the business sector in Ayacucho.

The Information Center expects to advise more than 98 agro industrial, textile and handicraft firms that develop products such as native potatoes, cereals (quinoa and kiwicha), avocado, cacao and tara.


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