Monday, December 5, 2011

Silvania Apparel

Silvania was created for citizens of the world; for professionals, activists, and adventurers. We use high quality natural fibers, feminine silhouettes, and fiber arts passed down through generations from ancient Peru to capture effortless elegance in our clothing.


We’ve stood in the fields our cotton comes from. We’ve watched our gins separate fiber from seed. We work directly with fabric mills, dye houses, and artisans. Every garment we make is created through a partnership of farmers, experts, and artists whose stories are part of Silvania’s identity. We are a social enterprise that believes that industry can be used as a tool to protect the environment and lead to economic development.


Owner and designer Georgia Kirkpatrick grew up in Portland, Oregon and Peru dressed in brightly colored prints designed by her grandmother, Silvia – Silvania’s founder. A self-described “citizen of the world”, Silvia was born in 1928 in Germany and grew up in Brazil during World War II. While earning an art degree in New York, she met a German American writer who whisked her off to Peru to explore ancient roads and cities of the Inca kingdom. Silvania Prints was created in 1958, producing fabric inspired by ancient Peruvian art. After her grandmother passed away in 2007, Georgia was inspired to direct Silvania in a modern reincarnation; creating clothing that keeps her grandmother’s artistic aesthetic and adventuresome spirit alive while benefiting the people and environment of Peru.


Peruvian pima cotton is one the softest and strongest varieties in the world. All of the cotton in our garments is organic. Peru has rich and diverse population of indigenous communities, most with their own textile traditions. Silvania partners with fiber artisans throughout Peru to create unique, modern garments infused with artististry and history.


The Silvania debut collection will be available to retail customers in spring and summer 2012. Wholesale customers may view the collection in fall 2011. Please e-mail or call for more information.


6441 N Montana Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97217

(503) 686-0598

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