Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Peruvian Clothing Exports

By Erick Smith

When looking for the finest clothing available, shoppers should remember they are not limited to only the garments traditionally sold America. In fact, there has been a growing trend of popularity toward Alpaca wool apparel, manufactured and exported from Peru. This material is prized for being lightweight, extremely soft, and having a luxurious appeal. Clothing of this type is extremely insulating, as well as resistant to odor, pilling, wrinkles and shrinking. With all the benefits that Alpaca wool has to offer, now is a great time as any for shoppers to begin considering it as a superior alternative to other cold weather wear.

Alpaca clothing

Peruvian Alpaca clothing can be a great choice for those seeking an attractive alternative to sheep’s wool. Fashion versatility abounds as alpaca material available in a wide variety of colors, used to create everything from sweaters to blankets. One of the main advantages is that it does not create that negative itchy feeling associated with other wools. Alpaca clothing contains no lanolin, which allows it to be hypoallergenic and therefore perfect for those with skin sensitivity. Another plus of Alpaca clothing is that it is an eco-friendly option.  There are no harmful chemicals present, as often are in synthetic clothing.


Alpaca scarves are a great choice for winter wear, since they provide more warmth than sheep’s wool and keep heat from escaping from exposed head and neck. Because of the natural woven material of the scarf, strands of fiber will not shed from it. It’s also light to the touch, despite having a thick, full appearance. Alpaca wool is often blended with Alpaca yarn to create Alpaca silk, which may then be used to produce high grade scarves. Alpaca silk is a rare, luxuriant material, which is all the more reason an Alpaca scarf should be treasured by owners.


Another option that shoppers may want to consider for winter wear is Alpaca hats.  Hats made from this unique material vary from beanies to visors. Some hats are made with Baby Alpaca, which makes it even softer than the usual alpaca material. The market does offer these products to all age groups including infants, as Alpaca hats are quickly becoming popular bestsellers for the younger set. Even the softest Alpaca hat is also guaranteed to outlast other hats a person may own, as tensile strength does not diminish as fibers become finer.


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